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Updated: Apr 15, 2019

I have to make a plug here for a couple of courses that I took online recently. These were incredibly content rich, affordable and practical skill based webinars that should be mandatory for any front line worker.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS 4 TEACHERS webinar is a must see for anyone who works in a school environment. The Canadian Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) has hit a home run with this rich content driven webinar. CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS 4 TEACHERS provides exactly what school personnel need to understand the basics of conflict analysis along with key information needed implement resolution circles and peer mediation programs. The webinar teaches practical knowledge for educators to apply peace skills right away and learn how pro-active conflict management can create new opportunities and good outcomes! The webinar forces its viewer to consider why conflict might be beneficial and it teaches how good communication and new information can uncover perceptions of incompatibility. Dr. Hoffman says it best, “Conflict itself is not bad, it’s the violence that is associated with conflict that is bad.”

After taking this webinar I felt hopeful that teachers will be empowered to prevent and intervene on conflicts through realizing their source and prioritizing the issues. As well, the content recognizes the educator’s role in modelling good communications, personal triggers and mindfulness. CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS 4 TEACHERS empowers everyone in schools to resolve conflicts responsibly with skill and purposeful attention. CIIAN has done a great job in supporting schools to encouraging peaceful behavior we hope to see spilled over in family homes and communities. Peace is possible, one school and one student at a time!


online violence prevention course specifically for front line healthcare workers! Learning to manage conflict through assessing the environment and recognizing our own vulnerabilities is key to helping a person feel secure. This webinar teaches practical skills that will improve the safety on the front lines.

It was especially handy that I could take the complete 2- hour course from my own home. The way the course is given is simple and the graphics were helpful for me to understand how tensions rise and how they relate to my own safety in any violent situation. Also, it was super great to receive my official CIIAN certificate!

There is an overwhelming need for this course in BC. Violence in the workplace is highly under reported. The BCNU (British Columbia Nurses Union) says that, “on average, 26 nurses a month in BC suffer a violent injury at work. LPNs, RNs and RPNs alone account for 31% of injuries (reported) from acts of violence in BC” (BCNU, 2017). The healthcare industry is facing a workplace safety epidemic. I would argue this is also the case for most front-line positions. The knowledge that CIIAN is offering in this short course is indispensable for these respected workers who put themselves in harms way every single day.

CIIAN is committed to deterring and resolving conflict and to building sustainable peace at local, national, and international levels. There is no other organization in Canada that is better suited to provide this knowledge to workers. CIIAN advances evidence based methods of conflict prevention, resolution and peace building and lucky for workers, they are dedicated to transferring this wealth of knowledge. Any person or organization that has an opportunity to receive any training from CIIAN is getting the best of the best!

Thank you again to CIIAN for all of your work in creating a more peaceful and secure Canada and world! PEACE IS POSSIBLE.

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