Danielle Dionne & A Passion for Peace

For years I have been imagining an opportunity for families to resolve their everyday disputes without having to unpack years of emotional weight. My vision is to apply conflict resolution processes that are used in the justice systems throughout the world, and apply some simple models to family life. Families struggle with a great variety of challenges. Society tends to silo those into service providers who specialize in this and in that. However, each situation can be tackled in some way through the lens of communication and conflict resolution. FamilyShip offers an efficient and productive path toward solving problems. I see the little things that add up everyday, the stresses of daily life get on the back of parents. This gets in the way of children's growth and development, placing more stress on the systems around families. When parents are overwhelmed, our communities suffer. Peace begins at home.

Parenting is political, I believe parents are our most important community leaders.  When parents value peace, model peace and teach peace, we all benefit, especially kids. 

As an Applied Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional my mission is to deliver inspiration of peace. I have many years as an advocate for parents and their children, creating room for curiosity, understanding and positive problem solving.  

I have worked with an incredibly diverse range of populations and ages, including young children, youth, adults, and seniors. My work has been shaped through supporting those with addiction challenges, mental illness, housing instabilities, and refugees. Family conflict arises from every background. My clients come from all sides of the coin. Every family can benefit from practicing peace skillfully. 

Conflict and cooperation styles are rooted in intimate generational values that are entrenched in our routines and traditions. Conflict is bound to come up. Every style has it's benefit.  I am driven to help you and your family get on the same boat. 

I strive to make every coaching and mediation session a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content.

The more you feel engaged, the more you will grow!

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Peace is possible.


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