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My mission is to resolve conflicts that surround children.

Children need safety to learn skills that solve problems effectively.

Parents are responsible for teaching peace.

FamilyShip guides parents to practice making effective agreements through our simple step by step family mediation process. See the steps here!

Through Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) models of coaching and mediation, FamilyShip offers families a unique opportunity to settle family disputes and longer term conflicts .

Families can navigate on their own using our steps or book a session to ensure the best outcome.

The FamilyShip Mediation Guide is a simple 6 step approach to solving any family dispute. This process encourages connection, goal setting, brainstorming and making agreements that holds each family member accountable.

FamilyShip Coaching and Mediation support sessions are provided through Skype, Zoom, telephone or in person. We meet you where you are at!

FamilyShip believes peace takes consistent practice in voicing bottom lines that are rooted in firm values and kindness. 

FamilyShip believes family members know what is best for their family.

Familyship recognizes that disputes are a part of everyday life.

FamilyShip supports the creation of collaborative plans that inspires deeper connections and productive home environments.

We recognize our role as a direct conflict & dispute professionals. FamilyShip provides coaching and mediation sessions for family members in need of a third party to facilitate a dispute or conflict head on and wholeheartedly.

Our resources for referral are important to the collaborative work we do to support peace, family wellness and positive outcomes for children and communities. We will gladly refer those in need to a variety of service providers and have a growing list of trusted resources in parenting, childhood development, counselling, lawyers, peace work and much more! 

FamilyShip agreements are not legally binding. In fact, we make this part the most fun!

*Create your own Dock-u-Meant!*

     You know your family best!

Solving family problems can be painless and effective!​

FamilyShip Coaching uses simple and easy to follow growth models to guide family members one on one to reach their conflict communication goals. Coaching might also be necessary to support an individual participant to continue to mediate.

FamilyShip Mediation uses the understanding- based process. Mediation sessions are geared to have participants turn toward each other with care, voice their interests and values, and find common ground. Often then, then ready and capable of shifting toward cooperation and creativity. 



Peace is possible. 


FamilyShip Conflict Coaching

Lead with Purpose, Patience & Presence

Define your individual expectations and boundaries.

Set communication goals.

Practice steps toward peaceful presence.

Realize your reality with patience.

Learn to lead with firm kindness.

FamilyShip Mediation

Discover your winning family plan!

FamilyShip Mediation is a child centered approach to conflict resolution.

Using the FamilyShip Mediation Guide, families learn to connect with each other while realizing their common interests and goals and brainstorming solutions to make effective agreements.

FamilyShip Mediation will help family members understand each other again and discover a plan that works best for everyone! 

Ready to get started?

Find out more about Mediation here!


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